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Security and Loss Prevention Surveys

Loss prevention surveys from CDA Alliance link to categories for stores, hotels, condo associations, apartment buildings, home owners associations and property management companies. This is directed towards all avenues of recovery for prevention of property damage and theft. The object of a survey is to figure out whether it’s cost effective to put in a surveillance system to reduce the theft or the property damage that is occurring. To do this you must take the amount of loss you are absorbing yearly and factor in the break even point.

Some systems actually create more benefit to the overall value of the property or the facility because of the increased value of your property. Many times there are insurance benefits as well to counteract the cost. I’ve written some specific areas of concern for each individual style of security system whether it’s monitored security, access control or cameras by closed-circuit television, CCTV or IP cameras that are remote hosted at another location for security’s sake.

We offer video hosting as well. This gives you the capability of going on the Internet and watching in real time, rewinding without the recordings being stopped and also gives you the ability to burn a DVD or a still photograph off of a computer to take with you for evidence and the ability to save that on the hard drive.

Stores Security and Loss Prevention

Stores have a unique loss prevention problem. You must be able to keep your merchandise safe without an impeding exit from your retail establishment. All public areas must have exits for emergency egress. This has brought in the alarm and panic exit device.

The function of this device is to warn of unauthorized egress. There is normally a big red sign which says: “Alarm will sound if you go out this door”. We use this device on the rear door of the store to control what goes out the back door. Most of employee theft is dropped into the trash can and picked up later. Having a manager who is the only one with the key to the back door, without the alarm going off, curtails much of this employee theft. This is standard equipment on most retail stores.

One of the less expensive and more reliable unit is the Detex. Detex makes a separate box that is an alarm that can be mounted to the frame, if you’re not required a panic bar for that opening. For more information on what is required for loss prevention that is compatible with life safety, give us a call or e-mail us.

Hotels Security and Loss Prevention

The biggest day to day loss of a hotel items is petty theft. In most cases this theft occurs from employees more so than guests. A well-known resort and theme park put camera systems onto their linen closet and laundry rooms thereby paying for the system within two months. After that they quickly followed with an expansion to include their food and alcohol.

As you can well imagine this system paid for itself even faster. Generally speaking, if somebody knows that they are being watched they won’t do anything wrong. Once you start using camera systems you will wonder how you got along without it. A good way to increase your profit margin is to monitor your supplies. One of the biggest loss prevention tools are camera systems

Community Centers and Developments Security and Loss Prevention

This category is dedicated to community centers or community developments. The same holds true for apartment buildings and condo associations. If you have a public area and no one is monitoring it, that’s when it’s the most vulnerable. For this type of situation we suggest a camera system, or CCTV. (closed-circuit television system) This is the correct term. You can combine this with a DVR system which is a digital video recorder.

If you connect this to the Internet you can give your tenants or homeowners the ability to watch what’s going on in the common areas. You will also be able to look back in time to find out what happened to whom and when, and you will also be able to record it onto a disc or capture a picture and print it out from your computer or mobile phone. This will give you built-in security people. All of the homeowners will have the ability to keep an eye on their children and strangers.

Security Systems for Access Control, Alarms, and Cameras

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Locksmith Services for Security

We offer a full locksmith service including safes and high security locks. We are a complete mechanical and electronic security company. Read more…