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Doors and Frames

Let Commercial Door and Access, Inc provide all your specialty door applications including:

• Acoustical doors and windows for your sound booths, music rooms, and theaters
• Privacy rooms for medical or government required discussion areas and broadcast stations
• Conference Rooms and all educational applications

These are available with wood veneers and with STC (Sound Transmission Classification) ratings up to 57.

The difference is primarily speed and price, the faster the door is the stricter the safety standards must be. This means that we must install more sensors in the fully automatic door system. These sensors are a big consideration because of the additional price they add to the automatic doors.

We can provide High Security Doors for all your needs such as: Bullet-Resistant doors for Panic Rooms, Personal or Commercial Vault Doors and even Blast doors. Whether you need records or valuables protected, or personal safety.

Corrosion Doors (Commercial FRP Doors) for Water Treatment plants, Zoos, Kennels, Pump Rooms, Power Plants, Chemical facilities and all coastal commercial properties in the State of Florida Building Code approved, Hollow Metal Doors, Storefront, Fire Doors (Fire Labelled Doors), Wood Doors, and FPL Louver Doors.

Not only are we a Florida based door distribution company, but we can also fabricate custom hinge locations at our warehouse. Contact us for an immediate quote on your job.

We are a distributor for Overly Door for all their products including Tiger Door. We are also Factory Certified by Overly Door Manufacturing for their installations.

We are a Daybar factory distibutor for the Hollow Metal Door and Frames.

We are also a Record factory authorized Distributor for their Automatic Doors as well as being AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) Certified Safety Inspectors.

Hollow Metal

We carry Daybar Hollow Metal Doors and Frames made of high quality Galvanneal Steel. Daybar Industry Ltd. guarantees all of it’s factory prime painted Galvanneal Steel Doors and Frames against rust perforation for the life of the building in which it is installed. Doors and frames must be handled, installed and finish painted to the manufacturers recommendations.

Remember to specify prime painted galvanneal steal. If you are close to the ocean or a large body of water, G90 galvanized is the way to go. G90 means that the metal is hot dipped in galvanizing process. It has over twice the amount and galvanize as the standard Hollow Metal Doors and Frames. Daybar industries has its NOA (notice of acceptance) from Miami-Dade County.

Lock and Door Hardware for Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

Lock and door hardware is generally determined by building codes and other federal regulations. NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) is made up of manufacturers and suppliers from all building and manufacturers with ties to Life Safety codes. The most knowledgeable people are the ones with the greatest amount at stake.

This sort of system works well for keeping all the codes current. Each induvidual opening will have its own criteria such as occupancy load, path of egress and ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements. The type of building use will also play a factor in occupancy loads and so forth. This is why the rules are so complex but one thing is a constant, life safety takes priority over all other rules. For quotes and availability, please call our office directly.


We can install a complete new storefront or upgrade an existing storefront to new hardware that matces your specifications using a Sunpane storefront system. Most areas in Florida, due to the hurricanes, now require impact glass or shutters to be made at the same time the storefront is installed. If your company has room for storage of shutters, you may still take advantage of a partial savings. These codes differ between counties and cities. Many of the counties are now requiring Miami-Dade NOA (otherwise known as notice of acceptance.) Many of these codes are enforced by the distance to the beach or the river. Most storefronts are only good for a 10 foot width of clear glass space. We do not do curtain wall but we will be happy to recommend somebody that does for you.

Fire Doors

Fire Doors can be several different kinds of doors, they can be wood or hollow metal and if you have really deep pockets they could even be fiberglass. Most people who refer to fire doors mean hollow metal doors, this is the cheapest way to produce a fire door.

Wood Doors

We are happy to install Lambton Wood Doors with all our Daybar Hollow Metal Frames. For quotes on your projects you may contact us via e-mail or call us directly at our warehouse.

FPL Louver Doors

FPL Louver Doors have historically been hard to get in a decent time frame. We have FPL Louvers in stock and can fill your order within one week. These Louvers are much different from standard or fusible link Louvers for fire rated doors. They have a need for more airflow into these electrical rooms. Contact us directly for a fast quote and quick turnaround time.